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Accidents at work can are quite common, however far too often employees are not receiving the full amount of damages they deserve after sustaining an injury in the work place. The Harrison Law Group, P.C. team is full of legal professionals who are dedicated to helping you navigate the New York legal system so that you can receive the proper amount of compensation for your injury.

There are many different statutes governing workers compensation in the state of New York and our team is experienced at knowing which ones to apply based on the situation. When you call The Harrison Law Group, P.C. our team will want to know as much as possible about all of the facts relating to your injury and in certain cases will hire an accident reconstructionist team to determine who was at fault.

Some helpful things we want you to know about workers' compensation claims are:

  • Understanding your employer’s workers’ compensation benefits is critical, so make sure to ask Human Resources about those benefits either before or after an injury occurs
  • It’s important to report your injury to your employer right away
  • Make sure that you visit the right medical provider according to the standards set by your employer
  • When you seek medical attention make sure you inform the doctor that the injury occurred at work
  • Keep detailed records of both your medical visits and your accident report
  • The amount of money you can receive depends on both the affected body part and the type of injury
  • Workers’ compensation statutes are “no fault” statutes, meaning you don’t need to prove your employer did anything wrong, just that you were injured at work

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